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Bear Land Property is a family run business.

Aaron loves the outdoors.  Many of his favorite activities involve being outdoors no matter what the season.  In the winter he enjoys skiing and snowmobiling.  During the summer, his favorite pass time is riding the open road on his motorcycle.  He finds every reason possible to get out and ride.  In the past, he competed in many hare scrambles on his dirt bike.  When looking for a family business, it was only natural to choose raw land to invest in.  The possibilities of what to use the land for is endless for him.  It is not only  a means for fun, but also an investment that will never depreciate.

Melissa has a passion for helping people.  When studying for her psychology degree, she was intrigued by Alzheimer’s Disease. Her internship was at an adult day care that worked with those with Alzheimer’s Disease.  Watching the families come in and bring their loved ones was heart wrenching at times.  They would be overwhelmed by the responsibility of caring for their loved ones, that many times did not know who they were.  Melissa enjoyed working with the guests and getting to know them.  She has always dreamed of doing extensive research on the disease. She is looking into ways to slow the process and help keep these people from losing valuable memories of their lives through therapy.

Bear Land Property’s mission is to serve those in need.   Our goal is to one day be able to create a facility that can provide the best care for those with Alzheimer’s Disease.  Some things we would like to see in this facility is a friendly and caring staff that helps enrich the lives of those with the disease along with relief and support for family members.

To obtain this goal, we have come together as a family to make it happen.  Our children, Bryce and Jenna, also play a really big part in our business.  With the pace of technology, they help keep us young and relevant in the age of social media.  They think of amazing ways to find those looking for land and think of all the fun possibilities of the land.

When looking to obtain raw land, stick with the Bear Land Family.  Not only will you be buying your dream land, you will also be contributing to help those with Alzheimer’s Disease.

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