This is What Real Freedom Looks Like

Perfect Size

Two half acre lots adjoining to give you a full acre of land. Why is this important? It’s important because the county’s size requirement to install a septic is 0.75 acres, so good news you have enough.

Not only could you build on this land but you have enough room to grow some foods, have animals or build a greenhouse or other building. Make it your independence paradise and set up a solar farm to supply all your power needs.

Convenience But Away from the Crowd

This lot will be a great investment to pass on to your children, grandchildren or use yourself. You have everything that urban areas bring in convenience and opportunity while being in a quiet, private, rural environment. Nature at its best with native desert plant life, wildflowers and the Manzano Mountains as your view and part of the Manzano Mountain Wilderness, a designated Wilderness Area within the Cibola National Forest, located about 50 miles south-southeast of Albuquerque. It is located in western Torrance County and eastern Valencia County. The Wilderness area includes 36,875 acres with elevations ranging from 6,100 feet to 10,098 feet at Manzano Peak. What a treasure for anyone that loves wildlife, camping, hiking, fishing and the splendor and beauty of nature.

Explore the Area

Nearby Restaurants:

  1. Montano’s family Restaurant with the distance of 14.41 mi.
  2. AJ’s Restaurant with the distance of 18.14 mi.
  3. Goodfellas Pizzeria with the distance of 18.33 mi.
  4. Del Taco with the distance of 19.32 mi.
  5. Rutilios with the distance of 16.40 mi.

Nearby Bar & Pubs:

  1. Fat Sat’s Bar and Grill with the distance of 16.77 mi.
  2. Chili’s Grill & Bar with the distance of 20 mi.
  3. Carlos Cantina & Grill with the distance of 14.6 mi.
  4. Luna Mansion & Restaurant with the distance of 17.95 mi.

Nearby Gas station:

  1. Phillips 66 with the distance of 14.41 mi.
  2. Conoco with the distance of 18.91 mi.
  3. Alon Gas Station with the distance of 16.52 mi.
  4. Circle K with the distance of 13.11 mi.

Nearby Malls:

  1. Maurices with the distance of 18.95 mi.
  2. Del Rio Plaza shopping Center with the distance of 13.17 mi.
  3. Motor Car Mall with the distance of 17.21 mi.
  4. Coronado Center with the distance of 41.56 mi.
  5. First Plaza Galleria with the distance of 37.34 mi.
  6. Pavilions at San Mateo with the distance of 40.57 mi.

Property Data

Property Details:
Property Address: 34.6946, -106.5741
Parcel ID: 1-018-030-400-485-101300
Size: 0.5 Acres
Terrain: Level Desert
Access: Legal Access – Road from Belen to Manzano Mountains right off property
Conveyance: Warranty Deed
HOA Fees: None
Taxes: $5/year

GPS Coordinates (approximate coordinates)

NW GPS: 34.694594, -106.574117
NE GPS: 34.694593, -106.573783
SW GPS: 34.693995, -106.574112
SE GPS: 34.693994, -106.573778

Property Details:
Property Address: 34.6946, -106.5738
Parcel ID: 1-018-030-400-485-101400
Size: 0.5 Acres
Conveyance: Warranty Deed
HOA Fees: None
Taxes: $5/year

GPS Coordinates (approximate coordinates)

NW GPS: 34.694593, -106.573783
NE GPS: 34.694594, -106.573450
SW GPS: 34.693994, -106.573778
SE GPS: 34.693998, -106.573447

Both Lots Together

Our Land is Guaranteed 

We take away the risk with our 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.  Don’t let someone else beat you to your land, put your deposit down now with no worries.  If you need more time to visit the property or make sure the land right for you, know you can get your money back if you find out the land isn’t a good fit for you. We put it in writing!

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